“Most importantly it ensures accurate and efficient use of interdental brushes”

“An interesting experience giving me confidence to use the correct size of brush”

“I have been using the Chooseabrush® system for approx 3.5 weeks. As instructed I have used the TePe interdental brushes after brushing my teeth which for me is minimum 3 times a day! I started the process as instructed by using brushes that moved in and out of the spaces between my teeth. The key is to ensure that the brush has some resistance rather than easily sliding in and out of the gaps between my teeth.

The two TePe brushes that I now use are 0.7mm yellow brush and 0.8mm green brush. Between the two brushes I am able to clean between all my teeth apart from one from tooth which I cannot fit any of the brushes.

Since using this process I have found that my teeth do not bleed upon cleaning at all. What I had also found is as plaque was removed and kept away by using the brushes my gums were less inflamed. This is the first time this has happened as previous to using this system I was never told to clean daily with the TePe brushes – just periodically! I am very pleased with this system and will continue to systematically and diligently use the brushes alongside my electric toothbrush. Thank you Chooseabrush® system!” – Mrs C W

“A very clever idea…” – Professor DG (USA)

“This has helped me”

“The chart is easy to follow” – Mrs I W

“I have been using the Chooseabrush® system for almost a month. The system is very user friendly and helpful with clear information, colour coding and imagery of the layout of the mouth as well as all the elements needed to work out the right brushes for the spaces between my teeth. I have quickly got into the habit of following the colour chart in the morning and evening and feel confident now that I am doing good for my teeth and gums. Without the system you wonder if this is the case. The chart is easy to use with the colour coding and brushes provided in the kit and there is a very useful day to day calendar on the reverse side of my card. Thanks to Dr. Turner’s Chooseabrush® system I am really feeling so much more confident after years of worry that I am finally getting on top of my gum health.” – Mrs J S

“Easy to follow and saves me time.” – Mrs N H

“I am very pleased with this system”