Chooseabrush® lets you control the plaque in the spaces below your teeth and create your personalised chart to show which is the best size of brush to use where.

Chooseabrush® is a unique specialist designed programme that enables:

  • Allows you to record, using our unique chart, which is the best colour-coded diameter brush to use in each space.
  • Allows you to record which spaces do not need interspace brushes.
  • Allows you create your own unique colour-coded chart for your whole mouth.
  • Is designed for use with the most widely available TePe interdental brushes.
  • Provides full instruction for you to create your own unique chart and for daily brush use.
Tepe Interdental Brush Chooseabrush


“I have used Chooseabrush® for the last four and a half months and it has proved to be a valuable tool in my routine of interdental brushing. It is easy to use, timesaving and most importantly ensures accurate and efficient use of interdental brushes…”

The Chooseabrush® Charting System has been developed by Dr Chris Turner, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry.


Chooseabrush Interdental Brush Charting System

Your personal interdental chart could look something like this.

Chooseabrush Interdental Brush Charting System Diary