Do you have bleeding or receding gums or periodontal (gum) disease? Then, let the Chooseabrush® plan help you reduce the risks of tooth loss and disease progression. You should visit your dentist/hygienist at the maintenance recall intervals they have advised is appropriate to your individual needs. However, if you follow the plan you have created and use brushes every day at least once, you may find that this time interval increases.

Unfortunately, many people with gum recession are rarely completely effective in removing that plaque because they do not have a plan to follow at home. Research has shown that the best aid to clean these spaces and maintain gum health is the interdental brush. For optimum plaque control you need to use the correct size of brush for the different sizes of spaces in your mouth. These brushes are made in several colour coded sizes by different manufacturers. It is important you continue to use TePe brushes because there is no standardisation of colour/size between manufacturers.

But how do you remember which colour to use where, particularly when several sizes (colours) are required for really effective plaque control? It is all too easy for you to forget which colour brush to use where. The Chooseabrush® plan has been developed by a Dental Specialist for you to record the colour brush chosen for each of your interdental spaces. Where there is insufficient space to use a brush, put an ‘X’ on the chart. This plan can be placed in front of your bathroom mirror and is easy to follow because the left side of the chart is on the left side as you look at it.

Using the Chooseabrush® plan you have created it is very easy for you to control the plaque between your teeth on a daily basis and therefore to reduce your risks of further bone loss and gum recession.

Remember it is how well you control your plaque every day that counts.

Chooseabrush Interdental Brush Charting System